Hit me, I can take it!

NOTE: this post is one of my earliest attempts at understanding and promoting the kinds of conversations I want to have at Story by the Throat. I’m leaving it up for archival purposes, but it’s pretty outdated. For my current guidelines on participation, see the page Tell Your Story, Ask a Question, Listen Generously.

There’s something I want to get straight as this exploration progresses: I’m OK with any of my readers challenging my views. In fact, I depend on it. Without vigorous discussion I’m just talking to myself, and that’s no good to me and probably little use to you. So by all means! Comment! Dissent! What sounds really cool, and what just rubs you the wrong way? Let’s have a conversation.

There are only two guidelines:

1) All experience is valid. Don’t tell me or anyone that I didn’t feel what I feel, or have the experiences that I did. And don’t tell anyone that their feelings or experiences are wrong. Feel free to contrast my (or anyone’s) experiences with yours, or describe how you would feel differently in my situation. But let’s not argue over what is. All posters are assumed to be accurately and honestly reporting their experience.

2) Be respectful. For the record, “I disagree strongly” or “your argument’s totally invalid” is being respectful. “You suck” or “You’re stupid to like/do/think X” isn’t. (And cussing isn’t disrespectful in my book. It’s all context. “Your argument’s fucking invalid” is fine. “You stupid fuck” ain’t.) It’s a judgment call sorta thing, but I trust we can all self-police, and call each other on our lapses.

So there we go. Please tell me what you think! I hope we can all learn from each other. Expect my first meaty post by the end of the weekend.




2 Responses to “Hit me, I can take it!”

  1. 1 Matthijs
    August 27, 2008 at 6:04 am


    I like the enthusiasm in the blog. However, right now it seems like you’re mostly saying “I’m a narrativist!” over and over again in a loud voice (um… that looks like more of a flame than I intended it to be, hope you know what I mean). I’m looking forward to reading more about practical applications, real-world experiences etc.

  2. 2 storybythethroat
    August 27, 2008 at 11:55 am

    You’re absolutely right, Matthijs. I’m endeavoring to get down to business. If you haven’t seen it, my newest entry delves into a more directed examination of the play I’m talking about:


    There are two reasons the pace of discussion might look slow and redundant to you: One, I’m writing partly for an audience that isn’t familiar with these concepts and the games that facilitate them. Since I play with a lot of folks in this category, this is a core concern for me. (Note that while I don’t forbid it for anyone, I personally won’t be using vocabulary like “Narrativism” here, so that everything on the blog can be understandable without back-referencing and homework, as much as possible.)

    Two, I want a *conversation* more than anything, which won’t really happen if I say everything myself. :) I’m endeavoring to write in short, grabby bursts that will provoke thought and discussion, discoursing more like a pub-mate than a lecture professor. Here’s hoping it works!

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